4 Stories From Suga’s Trainee Days That All BTS Fans Need To Hear

From first impressions to acts of kindness, these stories deserve to be remembered.

With each passing year, fans learn more about BTS‘s Suga as a performer and as a person. From acts of kindness to first impressions, here are 4 stories from his trainee days that should not be forgotten!

1. When he took another trainee to the hospital

Jihoon, better known as Brightoon, is a former Big Hit Entertainment trainee who trained with BTS. On his YouTube channel Brightoon TV, he shared a touching story about how Suga helped him in his hour of need.

Jihoon and Suga | Brightoon TV/Youtube

When Jihoon started throwing up in the middle of the night, Suga came in to check on him. After seeing how poorly Jihoon was fairing, he took it upon himself to call a taxi and go with him to the hospital.

Suga didn’t have any money at the time, and the emergency hospital they were at was more expensive than a regular hospital would have been, but he still paid Jihoon’s hospital fees and stayed by his side all night.

2. Meeting J-Hope

Suga and J-Hope

On MBC‘s C-Radio Idol True Colors, J-Hope revealed that Suga didn’t leave much to the imagination when they first met. The first time J-Hope saw Suga at the dorm, he was walking around in his underwear!

J-Hope jokingly told the hosts that this encounter ruined his expectations about how glamorous trainees were.

The best part? When J-Hope met Jin, J-Hope was in his underwear too!

3. Suga’s special day

Jihoon once told a story about how BTS went out of their way to prepare Suga’s lunch for the Suneung exam (the College Scholastic Ability Test). Since Suga would be the first one of the first member to take the exam (aside from Jin, who had not joined the group yet), RM wanted to do something nice for him.


So, Jungkook and checked in on Suga to make sure he was awake and ready to go while Jihoon and RM prepared Suga’s lunch. They all wrote letters of support to Suga too, to cheer him on.

4. His shoulder injury and financial struggles

Suga recently returned after taking time off to recover from shoulder surgery. This surgery treated chronic discomfort he has been experiencing for over eight years.

As a trainee, Suga’s budget was so tight that he often had to decide whether to save his money for food or use it for the bus. He also got scammed when he tried to sell his music to bring in extra cash.

To support himself, Suga had to work part-time jobs in order to pay his cost of living in Seoul and his school tuition fees.

While working as a deliveryman, Suga was involved in an accident that caused severe damage to his shoulder.

Between the injury and his finances, it was all too much. Suga nearly gave up his dream of debuting, but Big Hit Entertainment’s founder, Bang Si Hyuk, stepped in. He gave Suga time to rest and recover and also paid his tuition fees.


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