3 True Stories Of People Who Accidentally Met BTS’s Suga

A fan once gave Suga an umbrella on a rainy day, and Suga remembered the incident!

There have been many stories shared of people unexpectedly meeting K-Pop idols. Here are 3 stories of people who accidentally met BTS‘s Suga!

1. Part-time delivery worker revealing Suga’s message for him

An Indian part-time delivery food worker who worked in Korea shared on Club FM his experience of meeting BTS! The worker shared that he met RMJinJungkook, and Suga, and while he wasn’t an ARMY (BTS’s fandom), he praised them for their personalities!

If you ask me whether I am a BTS fan or an ARMY? I am not. So I’ve met 4 of them and that too as a part of my job. The people I’ve met are Jungkook, RM, Jin, and Suga.

If you ask me about the experience…All four of them are superb. They never made us feel like they have any kind of attitude about having millions of fans.


He then shared the request that Suga made on a rainy day that touched him!

I would especially like to mention one instance. Once, Suga… It was a rainy day. Actually, there is no option for the customers to contact us, but there is a feature called ‘Rider Request.’ And in that request section, he wrote,

‘It’s a rainy day…It doesn’t matter however late you are, drive carefully.’

Isn’t that a super quality to have?


2. Fan giving Suga an umbrella

During BTS’s guest appearance on Cultwo Show, a fan sent a message about when they unexpectedly saw Suga on a rainy day and gave him their umbrella!

I went out to buy some makgeolli on a rainy day and saw Suga on the street. He was only wearing a cap, without an umbrella, so I ran to him and gave him my umbrella. But, after I gave the umbrella, it stopped raining. I went the other way to not make you feel uncomfortable, but I saw you again! You were still carrying the umbrella even if it was not raining. I was touched. I didn’t give you the umbrella because it was tiresome to carry it or anything like that.

— Fan

Suga then shared that he remembered the incident!

Suga was then asked why he went out that day, and he shared that he went out to buy a compass saw since he needed to cut something in his studio. He also shared that he probably still had the umbrella!

3. Airport staff member falling in love with BTS

An airport staff member, who is now an ARMY, shared what it was like meeting the BTS members while on the job! She praised Jungkook and J-Hope for their kindness. She also complimented RM on his beauty!

The person that came in first was Namjoon. As soon as I saw him, I thought that his proportions were so good. It was exactly the vibes as his ‘Kim Daily’ photos! Kind of like he was dressed comfortable but still with swag and he pulls off outfits so well. He gives off an aura – he was really cool! After I became a fan, I came to really respect him as I found out he’s someone whose inner beauty is way more impressive.

— Fan


The fan then spoke about V‘s perfect nose!

I only saw Taehyung with his mask on…but the overall vibes were like that of an artist. Perhaps due to his clothes that day, he looked like a painter or someone that did arts. And even though he had a mask on, his nose bridge was about to pierce through it kekeke

— Fan


While the fan couldn’t remember much about Suga, she was still charmed by him!

I don’t remember Yoongi very well…because he had a mask and hat on. I couldn’t see much and his clothes and hat was all black. He was quieter than other members. He has a bit of a reverse charm! Like a kitty that pretends to dislike it but actually likes receiving love.

— Fan

BTS’s Suga | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

In regards to Jin and Jimin, she shared that she didn’t have many interactions with them!