Here Are 15 Iconic Moments Of BTS’s Suga In Honor Of His Birthday

Every ARMY needs to see #8! 😂

Once you fall for BTS‘s Suga, there’s no escape. From being the quiet comedian to a classic tsundere, his charms are endless. Check out some of his most iconic, underrated, and best moments below!

1. When he was the ending fairy of everyone’s dreams

2. When he revealed his true way to relieve stress

3. When he revealed how he resolves issues with V

4. When he tweeted this about Jimin

5. When he was J-Hope’s biggest fan

6. When he revealed his true origins

7. When he proved every hater wrong

8. When he introduced ARMYs to his lover

9. When he won “Producer of the Year” and BTS became his bodyguards

10. When he gave this amazing advice we all need

11. When he became a choreographer king

12. When his little mistake went viral

13. When ARMYs made him shy

14. When he showed the true power of angles

15. When he proved how much he cares for the young ones


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