9 Times BTS’s Suga Flawlessly Reenacted Cat Memes Without Even Knowing

On a scale of cat Jungkook to cat Suga, how is your day going?

BTS‘s Suga doesn’t just have the adorable and fluffy looks of a cat — He also acts like one, too! Check out some of the funniest moments below where he accidentally embodied a viral cat meme.

1. Jamming out to music

The closed eyes add to the dramatic effect.

2. Cutting onions

Crying begins in 3, 2, 1!

3. Wiggling his booty

This is how they show their excitement.

4. This perfect reenactment of V and Suga

Even the saxophone is included!

5. Jungkook’s energy and Suga’s calmness

Which team are you on?

6. Speaking directly into the microphone

Wait, don’t eat it!

7. Doing a little…whatever this is

Shh, they’re communicating.

8. Their “shocked” faces

The matching hair color really drives it home!

9. Ending the list with some of his signature swag

Too much softness!!

Check out the other times Suga channeled his inner cat by recreating photos below.

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