Here Are 15 Times BTS’s Suga Was Unintentionally The Funniest Person Alive

No lies detected in #4. 😂

Suga is a part-time BTS member and part-time comedian! All it takes is a few words from him and everyone in the room is left cracking up at his chaotic humor. Check out 15 moments he made us all laugh without even trying!

1. When he called out every single ARMY

He’s on to us!

2. When he fell for V’s puppy dog eyes instantly

He’s too soft to resist his adorable dongsaeng.

3. When his illegal streaming links fell through

Celebrities are just like us.

4. When he gave a young student a taste of reality

He will always tell you the full truth and nothing but the truth.

5. When he made Jimin’s iconic photo his wallpaper

This masterpiece deserves wallpaper status!

6. When Kumamon became his brand new BFF

His excitement reached new levels that day.

7. When he revealed his lover to ARMYs

The relatable man you are today, Suga!

8. When his product was a “buy one, get one free” deal

What a steal!

9. When he flawlessly imitated ARMYs’ reactions to BTS’s music videos

This couldn’t be any more accurate if he tried.

10. When he returned to his birth place

See you later, Suga!

11. When he became the master of sound effects

He has the best comedic timing skills.

12. When he made his game character look longingly into the distance

He doesn’t want to fight anymore!

13. When he rained on J-Hope’s parade

He won’t go easy on him.

14. When he did this in the middle of Run BTS!

Who knows what’s going on in his head?

15. When he gave such a profound answer to this question

Just try not to laugh!