Taekook Day: 20+ Iconic Jungkook And V Photos To Celebrate Their Friendship

We all need friends like this.

Today marks the fifth anniversary of “Taekook”, the unit name BTS‘s and Jungkook gave themselves on April 5, 2016. “Taekook” combines V’s real name, Taehyung, with Jungkook’s name. To celebrate the occasion, here are 20+ iconic friendship photos from their debut until now!

1. At the beginning

Back in 2013, during BTS’s “No More Dream” era, V and Jungkook were inseparable.

V (left) and Jungkook (right)

2. Eight years later

Over time, their friendship changed and matured, but they are still the best of friends today. Here they are, ringing in the new year together!

3. The selfie that kickstarted 2021

At the beginning of this year, V and Jungkook gifted ARMY with this surprise selfie. Within minutes, “Taekook” became a top trending topic!

| @bts_twt/Twitter

4. The selfie that saved 2020

V and Jungkook don’t post selfies together often, but when they do, fans go wild. This 2020 selfie was the first selfie they posted in three whole years!

| @bts_twt/Twitter

5. Find a friend who is just as weird as you are

These two love to play around, and it’s pure entertainment for ARMY!

6. From rookies to superstars

When BTS debuted, V and Jungkook were teen rookies. Now, they’re superstars in their mid-twenties. How time flies!

7. That time V crushed Jungkook’s hand…

…and instantly regretted it!

8. The back hug that broke the internet

At the 2020 Golden Disc Awards, V leaned against Jungkook and fans immortalized the moment with photos and videos that took over social media.

9. That time Jin just wanted to watch the show in peace

He’s used to their antics.

10. Uh, Jungkook, there’s something on your back…

…and it’s beautiful!

11. This is what pure joy looks like

Their happiness is ARMY’s happiness!

12. In sync

Together, they set fire to the stage every single time.

13. Telepathy

Some fans say V and Jungkook are one mind existing in two bodies, and it’s easy to see why!

14. From trials to triumphs

With the rest of their members, V and Jungkook overcame every challenge BTS faced to earn a place in the hall of fame.

15. Name a more dynamic duo

I’ll wait!

16. Friends who run together…

…stay together!

17. This meme-worthy moment

Look. Look!

Are you seeing that? 

18. Boys With Luv

Not everyone can pull off pink, but they rocked these outfits for MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona promotions.

19. Flower Boys

Jungkook and V brought fans’ flower crown edits to life at a fan meeting.

20. The Tiger and the Bunny

In many ways, V and Jungkook are total opposites, just like tigers and bunnies, but it works!

21. Best friends are always there to lift each other up…


22. More of this, please!

Right now, BTS’s tour plans are on hold, but one day we hope to see more precious moments like this!