BTS’s J-Hope Kicks Off Celebrations For V And Jungkook’s “Taekook” Day

Taekook’s fan club president has spoken.

Today, ARMYs are celebrating a very special occasion: Taekook Day!

V (left) and Jungkook (right)

It has officially been five years since BTS‘s and Jungkook named their ship “Taekook” (a combination of “Taehyung”, V’s real name, and “Jungkook”).

Whenever V and Jungkook call themselves Taekook, it brightens fans’ days. To celebrate the anniversary of Taekook and their beautiful friendship, many fans sent out celebratory messages on TwitterWeverse

…and during a surprise broadcast. Today, V went live with Suga and J-Hope (aka “SOPE”), to hang out with fans at their own special cafe. A fan mentioned Taekook in the comments and, much to ARMY’s delight, J-Hope read the name aloud! Fan club president? Confirmed.

How will you be celebrating Taekook Day?

J-Hope, V, and Jungkook