These BTS Fans Had The Worst Luck Ever…Try Not To Laugh

They missed their chances to meet BTS in person.

Everybody regrets missed opportunities, but these unlucky ARMYs may be forever haunted by the times they could have met BTS in person…but didn’t.


1. The Wedding Skipper

In July 2018, one BTS fan unofficially won the “Unluckiest ARMY on the Planet” award when her priorities led to a huge missed opportunity. Two years later, other fans still remember her tale of woe.


Our luckless heroine was supposed to attend a wedding with her mother, but she decided to skip it in order to stay home and watch Run BTS!. It turns out, that wedding was for BTS’s Manager Hobeom.


All seven BTS members were in attendance, and they performed “DNA” as a special gift to him.


The ARMY’s mother sent her this photo of Jungkook as proof. In short, this ARMY lost her chance to see BTS in person by staying home to watch them through a screen. The moral of this story? Never skip a wedding. Ever.


2. That time an ARMY’s dad became Y/N

On June 14, 2019,  NAVER x Dispatch released a new batch of photos from BTS’s trip to Las Vegas for the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.


While looking through the photos, one ARMY got the shock of her life. She spotted her own dad in the background of not one, but two photos!


Here he is, just chilling and minding his own business. Can’t a dad go for a drink anymore without ending up in photoshoot?


When diana (@taejooons) found out her dad was living his best y/n life, she let the whole world feel her frustration.


This was The Most Unfortunate Moment in Life! So unfair.


3. Missed Meeting in NYC

Kelly (Twitter user @Iovtaejin) was ready to throw hands when her friend spotted BTS in New York City for New Year’s Eve.


When Kelly’s friend sent her this photo with the message, “my friends at Times Square”, she wasn’t pleased, to say the least.


The worst part? Her friend isn’t even a BTS fan!


4. All the daughters who belong to these moms

When BTS guested on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy Kimmel pulled a prank on some of the ARMY daughters waiting in line for the show. He brought their moms inside, where they met BTS. The moms video chatted with their daughters during the meeting, and one even said, “It sucks to be you!” 


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