22 HD Behind The Scenes Photos From BTS’s OT7 Photofolio “Us, Ourselves, And BTS ‘We'”

These brand new photos are gorgeous!

BTS just released some brand new HD photos from the shooting of their Us, Ourselves, And BTS ‘We’ photofolio. Check out all of the stunning photos below!

1. Selfie Photo Studio

Each member took a turn sitting in the selfie photo studio where they used a remote to take their own photo.



The minimalist background adds to the professionalism of the photoshoot.



In some behind the scenes photos, you can see the equipment that would normally be hidden. Pretty cool!




2. Group Selfies

Of course, some OT7 selfies are needed from the selfie studio!

BTS is a group of visuals!

3. Sports Day

The members became adorable in sports uniforms!

The boys were divided into the blue team vs. the white team.

Which team will emerge victorious?

4. Sports Day Group

They also took some OT7 photos in the sporty look!

Source: Naver