Here Are 10+ Times BTS’s V Shocked The World With His Handsome AF Barefaced Visuals

It has to be illegal to be that handsome 24/7!

There is no denying that BTS‘s V is one of the most handsome men on the planet, and several polls and publications have proved it.

Whether on stage, in music videos, or on variety shows, the idol always shines with his handsomeness. Yet, V is also extremely handsome naturally and doesn’t need to wear makeup to send the internet into a meltdown with his visuals.

Here are 10+ times BTS’s V wowed netizens with his bare-faced visuals.

1. The time he was adorable AF after waking up when on vacation with the Wooga Squad members.

All of the fellow Wooga Squad members couldn’t stop praising the idol’s visuals.

2. When he did one of the shortest-ever live broadcasts to test out Weverse.

Although it was short and V was bare-faced, it’s truly one of the most iconic broadcasts ever.

3. While enjoying some free time, V isn’t afraid to go makeup free.

Teamed with a simple baseball hat and white shirt, it isn’t surprising that V doesn’t need makeup to shine.

4. V really makes ARMYs want to take a long road trip with the idol.

Seeing V just like any other person while driving in his car makes him even hotter.

5. The clip of V swimming speaks for itself…

V was enjoying some time with the Wooga Squad, and the water is no place for makeup.

6. V is never afraid to chat with ARMYs on live broadcasts without any makeup.

He always loves showing ARMYs his real side, without idol life’s perfection.

7. During concert rehearsals, V is fresh-faced and then showcases his duality when the real show starts.

It isn’t surprising that ARMYs want to protect V at all costs!

8. Even when he’s confused, V looks truly precious with his bare face.

It makes him look even more innocent.

9. Taking pictures with the rest of BTS, V proves that his visuals are enough to shine.

The more natural look has always suited V as he is handsome enough without makeup.

10. When he’s practicing, V puts in 110% and doesn’t care if it impacts his visuals.

Although, he still looks like a true visual masterpiece when he’s sweating.

11. Water sports are the perfect way to let off some steam and forget about the stresses of being an idol.

V seemed to be having so much fun without the constant need to look stage-ready.

12. How can someone look so cute without makeup?

V literally looks as perfect with and without any makeup on.