Here Are The Top 10 Most Iconic Fashion Moments Of BTS’s V

#5 is so boyfriend material.

BTS‘s V is a pro when it comes to fashion. From quirky to business casual, there’s no style he isn’t afraid to try. Check out 10 of his best looks he rocked throughout the years!

1. Classic Suit

V went for the look of a young professional in his tailored pants and shirt-and-tie combo.

The finishing touch was his tousled hair, giving him a sexy look.

2. All Black

When V goes for the all-black look, he looks like an animated character straight out of a game!

Every accessory, from his face mask to his beret, was solid black.

3. GUCCI King

Around the time V became known for his love for GUCCI, he rocked a professional look in this cool button-up.

He kept the outfit minimal and let his good looks do the talking.

4. Aesthetic Print

For more of a boho vibe, he went for a slouchy hat and oversized sling bag.

V looks best in a collared shirt!

5. The Denim Look

The combination of his jean jacket and permed hair is a classic for ARMY.

The whole outfit screams “boyfriend material!”

6. Comfy Casual

V showed off his love for oversized and comfy clothes with this patchwork cardigan.

He kept the rest of his outfit black to keep the cardigan as the focal point.

7. Classic Red

He proved a pop of color is enough to make an outfit memorable, like this deep red shirt.

His unique choice of adding a beanie let his eyebrows show and gave him a masculine appearance.

8. Cold Weather Fashion

V went for the quintessential autumn and winter look with this white peacoat and cozy turtleneck.

He can never go wrong with a stunning outfit like this!

9. V Style

V showed off his funky personality with this quirky and comfy look.

If you know V, you know styles like this are his go-to fashion!

10. Artsy Style

V gave off an artsy vibe in this adorable look.

From the beret to the pop of stripes on his collar, each detail made the look more interesting.