10+ Times BTS’s V Turned The Airport Into His Own Personal Runway

These outfits are all 🔥🔥

BTS‘s V is incredibly fashionable!

BTS’s V | BTS/Weverse

V never fails to wow us with his signature blend of modern and classic fashion, but his fashion sense really stands out when he goes to the airport.

Here are 10+ of V’s best airport looks!

1. The time he used his own merch

V was the perfect model for his self-designed Mute Boston Bag!

2. Constantly thinking about this one

This was the ultimate boyfriend look!

3. Brown is definitely his color

He can rock any color, but brown looks exceptionally good on him!

4. So dapper

V’s style is the definition of classy and elegant!

5. A true artist

We love when V’s clothes match his artsy personality!

6. Born to be a fashion icon

V’s Gucci-obsessed era was absolutely iconic!

7. Too handsome for our minds to even comprehend

He looks way too good in this outfit!

8. We need him in another K-Drama ASAP

V looks like a dreamy K-Drama male lead!

9. Slaying a simple sweater look

This outfit is proof that simple outfits can be equally as iconic as over-the-top ones!

10. He’s the cutest

V looks positively adorable in his sweater vest!

11. He can pull anything off

V strutting his stuff in his leopard-print coat may have made the other members laugh, but we think he looks great!

12. Artsy man of everyone’s dreams

V’s unique sense of style will never fail to make us swoon!