Here’s Why BTS’s V Is Truly A Beautiful Human Being Inside And Out

He has a beautiful soul.

BTS’s V, although known for his unique vocals and ethereal visuals, is also known for his sweet and kind personality.

His every action reflects kindness while his words touch the hearts of many. There is a famous comment written by a fan after he released his song “Scenery” that became popular among fans. This phrase, “His face is a masterpiece, his personality is a fairy tale, his life is a movie,” perfectly sums up who V is as a person.

His face is a masterpiece

This one is pretty much a given. Need I say more?

These visuals are bound to captivate your heart.

His personality is a fairy tale

Just by the clip below, you can see what a soft soul he is.

Even just a peaceful boat ride on the water is enough to give him healing and peace.

“Wow~ this is such great healing. I didn’t think it would be this much.”

You can even see just how genuine and pure his heart is in his  ‘thanks to’ segment from the MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 album.

| BTS ‘MAP OF THE SOUL: 7’ Album

Although I am not so good with words, I always want to say good things and do adorable things for you. My heart is always the same and has grown. My heart has grown bigger. My words always tend to get jumbled if I talk to much. I try to express things shortly but it’s not so easy. I really borahae all of you. No matter how old you get I will always come to you with never-changing love so please think of me as your pride. I will stay as your kind and proud son, grandson, friend, younger brother, oppa, and hyung.

⁠— V

Fans know V is always doing cute and adorable things for the fans!

His life is a movie

He also came up with the term ‘borahae’ and the meaning will bring tears to your eyes.

The color purple has the meaning of ‘let’s trust each other and love each other for a long time’. I hope to see all of you forever just like the meaning.

⁠— V

He often times leaves heartfelt messages to fans’ posts online, bringing joy and happiness to fans.

| Weverse

He also once bought paintings from an anonymous painter, making it the first painting he has sold to someone that he didn’t know. The painter recalls V saying to him, “May your day shine bright,” as he left the gallery.

How can we not love this bundle of joy and kindness?

Source: theqoo