Here Are The Two Best Accessories BTS’s V Wears That Make It Impossible To Choose Your Favorite

Are you Team Beret or Team Headband?

BTS‘s V is the king of fashion. He loves any and all accessories, but these two have captured the hearts of ARMYs worldwide. Check out his top two best looks below and just try to pick your favorite!

1. Beret

As much as V loves berets, ARMYs love to see him wearing them.

They fit his artsy and unique aesthetic, while still making him look totally adorable.

He can pair it with matching clothes and a cute bandana for a sweet and playful look…

…or rock it onstage with a suit for a militaristic vibe.

He can adapt them to fit any look like his signature classic and crisp style…

…or go edgy with an all-black look like this.

When he doubles up on the accessories and adds a pair of glasses, it’s game over!

V stans remember one of his most iconic beret moments when he rocked a bright yellow one during the “Speak Yourself” tour.

Whenever he emerges for the encore in a beret, you just know it’s a good concert!

He’s been slaying the beret game for years, and hopefully never stops using this adorable accessory!

2. Headband

If you’re not Team Beret, you’re definitely Team Headband.

Some of his V’s coolest looks include a headband, like his unmatchable swag while performing “Mic Drop.”

Notice how a single bandana can take him from cutie patootie

…to a total hottie! (Seriously, how does he do it?)

ARMYs can never forget his wild and sexy look from the 2020 GRAMMYs

…or his makeshift headband from BTS’s series In The Soop.

Of course, you can’t forget the legendary GUCCI headband!

V’s been rocking this look for years, leaving fans shook when he wore it for the first time during “Fire” era.

As time goes on, he’s only gotten even more handsome in the style.

Whichever accessory you prefer, it’s safe to say that V rocks them all!