Here Are BTS V’s Top 6 Legendary Looks Of All Time, According To Fans

Everyone still thinks about #4.

V has had some iconic looks throughout the eras of BTS. Over the years, he’s tried every concept from angelic and soft to a classic suit. Here are the top 6 most iconic looks he’s ever tried, according to fans.


On January 27th, 2020, V emerged with a fashionista look at the GRAMMYs.

His printed bandana and shirt gave him a unique and wild look that even made non-fans interested in him.

He sported this look on stage and during the online broadcast with fans afterward.

On the red carpet, however, he wore an equally iconic solid black suit and turtleneck with a mysterious piecey fringe.

2. Online Broadcast

On June 8th, 2019, V had an intimate online broadcast with ARMYs.

The simplicity of his white t-shirt and natural appearance gave him a “boyfriend material” vibe.

Similarly, his choice of broadcasting from bed made fans swoon.

3. Mihwadang Fansign

On October 8th, 2017, BTS attended a fansign during “DNA” era.

V’s ethereal platinum hair gave him an angelic appearance.


Delicate details like his long earring and pastel clothes made him look even more like a character out of a storybook.

His textured hair was a cute and playful touch to his look!

4. 5th Muster: Magic Shop

On June 23rd, 2019, BTS held their 5th Muster fan meeting.

V’s long hair and patterned shirt gave him a dreamy look that was unforgettable for fans.

His charismatic expressions and stage presence were enhanced by this dark look.

5. The Fact Music Awards

On April 24th, 2019, BTS attended The Fact Music Awards.

V stunned on the red carpet in a classic gray suit and clean-cut look.

On the red carpet, he had the aura of an actor.


On stage, however, he became a prince — especially after having the cutest reaction to an earring he found on the stage.

6. MBC Gayo Daejaejun

To welcome the new year, BTS attended MBC Gayo Daejaejun on December 31st, 2016.

It was cold enough to see their breath, but V still gave a hot performance.

His blue contacts and colorful jacket matched the glamorous vibe of the new year celebration!

Source: TheQoo