8 Times BTS’s V Showed Off His Insane Body Proportion And Long Legs

Every ARMY should see #4! 😍

Models are lucky that BTS‘s V chose to pursue music! From his good looks to his tall and thin physique, it’s not hard to imagine V strutting down the runway. Check out 8 times he showed off his “legs for days” and flawless body proportion below.

1. V is 179 cm tall with most of his height coming from his endless legs.

| Celine

2. His model-like proportions make him look stunning in leather pants!

| Weverse

3. Wearing shorts doesn’t make him appear shorter. Instead, it lengthens his legs even more.

| Weverse

4. His proportions may make some believe he was born to be a celebrity.

| POP Magazine

5. His slender physique makes him appear even taller.

| Celine

6. He doesn’t need heels, but he’s been known to rock a pair every now and then for a photoshoot!

| Arena

7. In real life, fans vouch he’s even taller than he seems.

| Celine 

8. It’s hard not to be in awe of his amazing height!

| Celine