Here Are BTS V’s 10 Cutest Interactions With The Cameraman That Will Make Your Heart Melt

#4 shows how pure he is.

BTS’s V is so endearing, even the camera crew can’t help but fall for his playful antics. Here are 10 times their adorable interactions were caught on camera!

1. When the cameraman couldn’t stop playing with V

All he wanted to do was look at the correct camera…

…but he kept switching at the speed of light!

2. When he helped the cameraman walking backwards

He’s always there to lend a helping hand.

He even warns them to be careful.

Who needs eyes on the back of their head when they have someone as caring as V?

3. When he planned to do the “Shy, shy, shy” dance on camera

He’s so intense waiting for the right moment to strike.

Afterwards, they all had a good laugh!

4. When he accidentally hit the tennis ball towards the camera crew

His apologetic face and reaction show how genuinely sweet he is. Too precious!

5. When he was trying to figure out which cameraman was recording his own individual fancam

He had to check which one was following him!

“You? Okay!”

6. When he rested his head on the cameraman’s lap

V is just too loveable. Who can deny him of a place to rest his head?

7. When he shook all of the paparazzi’s hands at the airport

Suddenly, every ARMY wants this job.



8. When he’s excited to see staff

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven, V?



9. When he fanned the camera crew on a hot day

Thank you, Hansung!

10. When he jumped for joy with staff

This is so pure.


Source: TheQoo