10+ Unreal Moments Of BTS’s V At CELINE’s Paris Fashion Show That ARMYs Won’t Forget

‘Monsieur Taehyung Kim’ was one for the history books!

BTS‘s V was easily the main event at CELINE‘s fashion show in Paris. He made ARMY instantly proud not only because he served legendary looks at the event, but also because he fulfilled his long-time dream of attending Paris Fashion Week! And, of course, there is no better way of doing it than by being the main character there.

BTS’s V | @bazaarmenthailand/Instagram

While there were moments that caused serious concern about the crowd’s behavior at the event, ARMY was overall extremely proud of the way V seemed to effortlessly conquer Paris Fashion Week.

| @thv/Instagram

“Monsieur Taehyun Kim” is definitely one for the history books!

Here are 10+ unreal moments of V at CELINE’s fashion show that ARMYs are unlikely to forget any time soon.


1. V simply existing, looking like this

2. When he came for everyone with this facial expression

3. V setting a new standard

4. When he proved he’s a real-life prince

5. When the crowds went crazy for him

6. V looking like the main event

7. When he broke the internet with BLACKPINK’s Lisa and actor Park Bo Gum

8. When he met British actor Eddie Redmayne

9. When he showed his polite manners in the cutest way

10. When he did this

11. When he proved he was born to be a star

12. When the looks he served made history

13. V being the perfect CELINE model

14. When he made an iconic exit