BTS’s V Chose The 3 Western Artists Who Have Inspired Him Throughout His Career

Can you guess who they are?

BTS’s V may be the inspiration of countless people all over the world, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t inspired by other musicians!

In a video with Tokopedia, V asked his members to name his current musical inspiration: “Which artist is my main inspiration?

Among the answers given, these three Western singers were singled out by V. Check them out below!

1. Kurt Cobain

Jimin guessed Kurt Cobain, a famous American singer-songwriter and musician.

Although that wasn’t the answer he was looking for, V revealed that Kurt Cobain was actually his top inspiration as a trainee: “Kurt Cobain was my inspiration when I was a trainee“.

2. John Legend

Next up to answer was maknae Jungkook, and he chose singer-songwriter John Legend.

John Legend wasn’t the correct answer, either! He was, however, V’s second role model as a trainee.

3. Justin Bieber

Finally, leader RM was able to guess the right musician. His answer was no other than Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

To explain his answer, RM guessed that V is inspired by Justin Bieber’s hit songs: “Is it because…his recent songs are great?

V excitedly agreed and singled out the song “Holy” as one of his favorites.

He further explained that his question was more on the artists he likes at the moment and not his role models.

This is not about my role model. This is about the artists I like right now.

— V

When asked if looking up to other artists is how he develops himself, V explained that the achievements of other artists make him feel challenged.

Just like J-Hope hyung trying on many clothes, I am challenged by other artists’ great achievements. They have this aura that makes me challenged.

— V

At Jungkook’s request, he sang the chorus of Justin Bieber’s “Holy”.

The moment he started singing, he entranced everyone with his beautiful voice!

Hear more about V’s musical inspirations in the full clip below.


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