Here Are 10 Moments When BTS’s V Had The Cold Beauty Of A Villain

Okay, but #6. 😳

Recently, BTS‘s V is gaining attention for his unique and enchanting visuals. Netizens believe his cool expressions give him a cold aura similar to a villain — and it’s super fun to imagine! Check out 10 moments when V was the mysterious, dark villain of ARMY’s dreams.

1. Becoming a Louis Vuitton model

Serious Tae with his hair pushed back in a trench coat? Yes, please!

2. During Map Of The Soul ON:E

This epic VCR featured V with black paint where he showcased a sexy and devilish smile.

3. “Not Today” era V

Let’s be honest — Any time he rocks a bandana should make the list!

4. Mischievous V during “Blood Sweat & Tears”

To follow him or not to follow him…

5. Rocking military-style

When he shows his bold eyebrows, he looks just a little bit cold — and ARMYs love it!

6. During his enchanting and mysterious performances of “Singularity”

Bonus points for the close-up shots of his shifty eyes!

7. Everything about “ON” era

From the expressions to the tattoos and outfit, he might look the part of being a villain, but his only crime is stealing ARMY’s hearts!

8. During the WINGS photoshoot

He let his inner vampire out during this epic shoot.

9. Being a “criminal undercover”

He might be known for being a good boy, but he sure looks like a bad boy!

10. Commanding the stage during a live performance

Is he controlling the fire?