Only BTS’s V Can Compete Against BTS’s Jin For That “Bandana King” Title

It’s a battle of the century.

Like BTS‘s Jin, V can really sport those bandanas and headbands. With his gorgeously prominent T-zone, V looks even more breathtaking when he reveals forehead and eyebrows using headbands. So it seems, Jin has some competition from his teammate V when it comes to guarding that “Bandana King” title. Here are 10 times V knew exactly what he was doing with these headband styles; You can try and be the judge of who wore it better. (Psst! It’s so clearly a tie, but we can still pretend we can decide!)


1. The Red

V’s go-to headband color is often red. It brightens his skin tone and gives him a glow that is unrivaled in K-Pop!


2. The Green

V’s green headband, matching with his green earpiece and his green microphone, is an all time ARMY favorite — as it gives him that softness to die for.


3. The Checkerboard

If it hadn’t been for V’s beauty that can handle anything and everything, this black and red checkerboard headband may have been rather difficult to pull off.


4. The White

Take a look at how this white headband exposed all the glory that is V’s out-of-this-world T-zone. Don’t forget to breathe!


5. The Black

What other explanation is needed here? V in this complete black outfit and headband shook the internet, like it deserved to have.


6. The Ellen

V’s white and red bandana look on the Ellen Show left US viewers speechless. That’s a look only V can manage — and oh, did he manage it well.


7. The Tennis

Loyal ARMYs remember V’s baby days, when a sporty headband like this lemon-colored one looked heckin’ good on him too!


8. The Islander

Dubbed V’s most refreshing look, this bright sky blue headband gave him such an islander vibe that ARMYs found absolutely irresistible!


9. The Supreme

Especially after he was paparazzi-ed in this Supreme headband, it became another viral-AF look in V’s book.


10. The Fluffy

Here’s a total UWU-worthy look on V. ARMYs will find themselves saying, “Not going to lie, this is the best headband look on him, ever.”