10+ Of BTS V’s Clumsiest And Cutest Moments That Will Make You Love Him Even More

#4 would only happen to V. 🤣

BTS‘s V is hilarious without even trying. Check out some of his clumsiest moments below that made ARMY realize how precious he is!

1. When his shirt got stuck on Suga hyung

2. Resisting the urge to take a burger mid-interview

3. Realizing the radio show was being filmed and everyone saw him zip his fly

4. When there’s not enough room to stand

5. When the pizza just wouldn’t cooperate with him

6. Realizing coconut juice is actually not that good

7. Trying his best at sports

8. Being a lost puppy without his ball

9. That feeling when you want to hide from the world

10. Part 2

11. When you’re suspended in the air and afraid to let go of the safety railing

12. Barely taking a sip of alcohol…and having a grand reaction

13. Getting scared in the most adorable way

14. When the members are pretty strong compared to you

15. …And again

16. Being ordered by the hyungs

17. Becoming a master of sports

18. Sniffing flowers aggressively

19. Being clumsy comes with a price

20. When the sled was so done with him

21. Getting startled easily

22. When you can’t handle spicy food…

23. …but still love it

24. Listening intently like his life depended on it

25. Becoming a graceful figure skater

26. Being smol

27. Getting attacked by confetti

28. Getting attacked by bubbles

29. Being unable to cross the line

30. Trying to save the doll and failing

31. Making sure the door is made of glass (with his face)

32. When he received praise from the staff and hid in the corner

33. Being scared in virtual reality