Here Are 10+ Reactions To BTS V’s “Tiger Vs. Bear” Debate

The fandom has been divided over this debate!

If you’re a K-Pop fan, you’re probably well aware that most idols have a representative animal. Usually, it’s an animal that fans think bears a resemblance to their bias and also allows them to use the animal’s emoji when relaying messages on social media.

Yet, there’s been a debate on what BTS V‘s representative animal should be. ARMYs haven’t quite seen eye to eye with each other on it.


V’s fans are currently divided into two factions: Team Tiger and Team Bear. These teams believe that V is best represented by a tiger and a bear, respectively.

Both teams have made compelling arguments. Team Tiger believes that V is as adorable as a tiger cub but also as fierce as a tiger on stage.

Meanwhile, Team Bear says that V is cute, fluffy, and cuddly like a teddy bear! Considering he also has a song called “Winter Bear,” their argument seems quite valid.

Leader RM recently suggested a solution to V’s dilemma. V had found out that fans debated which animal suited him best, and he mentioned it during a recent BTS live stream.

I heard that my fans are having fights right now.

— V

Not even the members agree!

So, RM suggested that V post a poll on his Instagram Stories so that ARMYs could vote for the animal they think represents V the best.

You can ask for survey through Q&A in Instagram.

— RM

From left: RM, Jungkook, Suga, Jimin, J-Hope, and V. | BTS/VLIVE

So, V took RM’s advice, and he finally hosted a Q&A on Instagram!

| @thv/Instagram

ask me anything!

— V

He answered fans’ questions for a while until finally… The last and debatable the most important question came up.

| @thv/Instagram

ok, lastly, lets do this and end it! Eya(wow) ‘ask me anything’..its hard

— V

After a fan asked him to choose between the tiger and bear emojis, he created a poll, asking fans to choose themselves. He also included a cute picture of a tiger and bear together he found on Naver.

| @thv/Instagram


A) tiger
B) bear

— V

V ended up deleting all previous Q&As as well as the poll above. He replaced it with this alternative as the other appeared to have a “correct answer” while this is neutral.

| @thv/Instagram

your choice is
Bear | tiger

— V

Although it was only up for about 20 minutes, V quickly found his answer. Bear ended up being the winner!

| @thv/Instagram

bear wins

— V

This actually isn’t the first time V seemingly settled the “Team Tiger vs. Team Bear” debate. Previously, in his birthday live broadcast in 2020, he chose the bear himself.

Still, ARMYs have a lot of thoughts, arguments, and reactions to the debate. So, here are 10+ “Team Tiger Vs. Team Bear” reactions…

1. Is the poll rigged?

2. This valid argument in favor of “Team Bear.”

3. Yet, this argument for “Team Tiger” also seems valid.

4. Still, what about this video? Is this not a bear?

5. Jungkook is on Team Tiger, though…

6. The debate is dividing even fan accounts

7. Visual representation of the results

8. Did V delete his Instagram Stories because of the debate?

9. “Team Tiger” are loyalists!

10. Photographic evidence that V is actually a bear?

11. A logical explanation for all…

Source: @thv