BTS’s V Ends The “Bear VS Tiger” Debate Once And For All On Instagram

The results are in!

Many K-Pop fans associate their favorite idols with animals. When it comes to BTS‘s V, however, ARMY can’t decide which he resembles more: a tiger or a bear!

V | kimmy bangtan/Pinterest

From 2013 to 2019, fans used a tiger emoji to represent V. After V released his 2019 English song, “Winter Bear,” the Tiger vs Bear debate began!

Even V himself can’t decide if he is more tiger-like or bear-like. For instance, for BTS’s Deco Kit, he designed a tiger-bear hybrid rather than choosing one or the other for his sticker.


During a recent livestream, V mentioned the ongoing debate to his members. RM advised him to set up a poll on Instagram to find the answer once and for all.

Today, V took RM’s advice and launched a poll during his Instagram Q&A. ARMYs flooded the poll with votes, but in the end, there could only be one winner.

Your choice: BEAR | TIGER

— V

The results are in. The people have spoken. V’s representative animal is officially a bear!

bear wins

— V

Bear won over tiger with a whopping 63% of the votes.

| @thv/Instagram

Your choice: BEAR 63% | TIGER 37%

— V

Team Bear, it’s time to celebrate!