10+ Times BTS’s V Flipped From Sexy To Squishy In A Second

#3 sums up both sides of him perfectly.

BTS V‘s duality is so strong, he can instantly shift from fierce and intimidating to adorable and precious without warning. Check out 10+ of his best moments showing his crazy duality!

1. When V performs, he resembles a tiger.

Or, is he a baby bear?

2. “DNA” era brought us sexy V on stage…

…and totally cute TaeTae offstage!

3. He’s such a man.

At the same time, he’s such a baby.

4. During Winter Package 2021, V nailed the smouldering look.

He also nailed the “squishy” look!

5. Just when you thought V’s serious expressions made him intimidating…

…he does something like this.

6. He reaches maximum fierceness while performing “ON.”

The moment the performance ends, he immediately becomes adorable.

7. Headbands make V extra cool: It’s a fact.

However, he couldn’t hide his cute and quirky side on the Ellen Show.

8. His ultimate moment of sultry is performing “Singularity.”

The rehearsal is a whole different story!

9. Some people experience a whole personality change when they put on a sexy suit.

V, however, is not one of them!

10. How does it only take a moment from him to change from this…

…to this?

11. During award shows, V is serious in the crowd.

When he spots his fans, he lights up!

12. His face is visual perfection.

He’s not afraid to use it to become a human marshmallow.

13. V is the definition of duality during “Dionysus.”

He transitioned from a God to a baby.

14. From shooting ARMY’s hearts…

…to begging for their forgiveness.

15. Seeing V live in concert is something every ARMY must experience.

During the encore, his cute side comes out!

16. Who is that intimidatingly cool guy in glasses?!

It’s none other than our baby angel, V!

17. Eye contact is dangerous…

…but his rectangular smile is fatal!

18. Sometimes, he can flip immediately without warning.

Two faces in the same second!

19. From adult V to child V…

We love him the same!


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