10 Times V Flipped From Sexy To Squishy In A Second During BTS’s Seoul Concert

#3 shows his tiger vs. baby bear side!

V recently showed off his true duality during BTS‘s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” in Seoul concerts and left fans shook! Check out some of his best moments below where he proved he can do both with ease.

1. Watch as V shifts from insanely charismatic…

…to totally goofy!

2. During his part, his serves handsome visuals.

However, behind the scenes, he can’t stop smiling!

3. His gaze can be cold and intimidating…

…or warm and inviting!

4. When he’s vibing to the music, he’s in the zone.

When he’s greeting ARMYs, he shows his soft side!

5. Do you prefer the “Black Swan” king…

…or the encore cutie?

6. He can do any cool expression while he performs.

When he gets a moment to relax, his cuteness comes out.

7. He walks with style…

…and he waves to fans with an innocent face!

8. He’s confident while doing some sexy moves.

However, during his speech, he shows a little bit of his shy side!

9. Do you prefer his sharp, tiger eyes…

…or his round, bear eyes?

10. V is a man of true duality.

He changes in a blink, but he’s still the same lovable guy!

Source: theqoo