Here Are 20 Times BTS’s V Was Just Too Pretty In Dangling Earrings

He defies gender norms.

BTS’s V is known for his unique and quirky fashion choices. As a risk-taker, he isn’t afraid to sport bold accessories. Check out the 20 times he chose elegant and dramatic earrings to compliment his stunning features!

1. This red-haired prince look is iconic.

2. When V goes retro, the whole world applauds.

3. He shows that men look just as good in dramatic earrings.

4. They’re his ears and he can do what he wants!

5. This deserves a Chanel sponsorship.

6. A flower holding a flower…with a flower earring.

7. He owns this look.

8. He effortlessly pulls off any style he tries.

9. “Fake Love” era brought tons of metal and edgy accessories.

10. Nobody can forget the legendary “Loved” GUCCI earring.

11. He’s the boy with a pearl earring!

12. V stands for “visual perfection.”

13. Pearls do him justice.

14. He also rocks the modern look with geometric-shaped jewelry.

15. When he wears a choker, the set is complete.

16. It’s no wonder that everyone falls for V.

17. The best accessory is his gorgeous face — but the earrings help!

18. His beauty is otherworldly.

19. Pink floral prints are perfect on him.

20. V knows how to rock a glamorous earring!