10+ Heart-Pounding Eye Contact Moments With BTS’s V That Will Make You Sweat

V stans: Beware of #7.

BTS V‘s gaze is fatal — especially when holding eye contact. Take a look at these 10+ moments that will feel like you’ve locked eyes with this stunning visual!

1. On-stage

This is how it feels to get spotted in the audience.

2. A sneaky side glance

He’s reassuring you that he knows you’re there.

3. At the airport

Look at the way he lights up!

4. Dramatic gaze

If this isn’t cinematic, then what is?!

5. From hottie to cutie

V is the brightest star in the room.

6. In the audience

He would respond like this when you catch his attention.

7. Off-stage

It only takes a smirk to make your heart pound.

8. Wink

How can a single wink radiate so much power?

9. Waking up

His gaze is like a dagger to the heart.

10. Eyebrow raise

He knows what he’s doing.

11. Fierce Lion

It makes sense why ARMYs compare V to the ferocious animal.

12. Sweet Baby Bear

However, that’s not the only animal he resembles!

13. Wait for it…

He’s just so *heart eyes*

14. Up close and personal

Who needs personal space?

15. Breathtaking beauty

Holding eye contact with him is definitely a challenge!