BTS’s V Becomes The First K-Pop Idol To Have 11 Fancams Surpass 10M Views — Watch Them Here

#1 is legendary!

BTS‘s V can add yet another accomplishment to his list of achievements: 11 of his fancams have now passed 10M views, making him the only K-Pop idol thus far to do so. Check out the top 11 for yourself below and relive some of his most memorable stages!

11. DNA (10.004M views)

Fansite VIA captured this iconic “DNA” stage that took place at the Pyeongchang Olympic G-100 Concert in Gwanghwamun.

10. Go Go (10.1M views)

ARMYs just can’t resist V’s vertical fancam coupled with the ridiculously cute choreography and stage outfits of “Go Go.”

9. Boy With Luv (10.2M views)

This first “Boy With Luv” surpassed 10M views with ease, but it’s not the last time you’ll see this song on the list.

8. Black Swan (10.28M views)

This enchanting performance featured the members displaying their grace and power to “Black Swan” in all-white ensembles.

7. Baepsae (11.1M views)

Fansite KAME1221 captured this performance of “Baepsae” during BTS’s “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life” Onstage Epilogue in Nanjing.

6. Airplane Pt. 2 (11.7M views)

This exciting performance of “Airplane Pt. 2” is nearing 12M views.

5. DNA (13.2M views)

ARMYs clearly can’t get over “DNA” era V, making this his second fancam of the song to surpass 10M views.

4. Pied Piper (13.7M views)

Fansite TO MY DARLING V left fans in awe by capturing this stunning “Pied Piper” stage during 5th Muster Magic Shop in Seoul.

3. Mic Drop (20.7M views)

Fansite PIERCE recorded this unforgettable and charismatic performance of “Mic Drop” at the Lotte Duty Free Family Concert in 2018.

2. ON (22.1M views)

Who doesn’t want to see V’s iconic face and neck tattoos (even if they are fake)?

1. Boy With Luv (134.6M views)

“Boy With Luv” takes first place with almost 6x the views of second place! It’s also the most viewed individual K-Pop idol fancam of all time.