12 Times BTS’s V Said The Most Hilarious Things With A Completely Serious Face

Try not to laugh at what he said about Jimin in #6. 🤣

BTS‘s V has a crazy imagination and absolutely no filter, which make for some interesting moments. Check out the 12 times he said the funniest things and made everyone crack up — all while being dead serious!

1. His book recommendation

V once suggested a comforting book for ARMYs.

Well, he actually didn’t make it passed the cover, but it totally seems like a good read.

2. His history of recycling

V is proud of himself for being conscious of the environment and recycling for over 26 years.

Kim Taehyung: Recycling since the crib.

3. Naming his goldfish

Cute names, human names, food names — None of these are V’s style.

“Number 1,” “Number 2,” and “Number 3” are very well-loved.

4. His favorite lyrics

While Jimin picked the deep and dreamy lyrics of “Mikrokosmos…”

…V didn’t hesitate to bring the chaos with a line from “FIRE.”

5. More of his favorite lyrics

If you thought “Bow wow wow” was good, try “Oh na na na.”

6. The only way Jimin changed

From a teen to an adult, not many things have happened to him, according to V.

However, there’s one thing that sticks out in his mind.

7. What he wants in the future

Tag yourself. I’m RM choking.

8. The gaze of a rookie is unlike any other…

…or maybe it’s Maybelline.

9. When you think the press will show up

He chose his best outfit for the occasion.

Uh, V, we’re kind of in the middle of a global pandemic.

10. Being honest

The florist asked V if he liked what he made for himself.

Well, he gets points for honesty.

11. His wishes for the new year

He isn’t getting any younger, guys.

A lot has happened this year.

12. His comeback

Use this unique line when someone starts to annoy you to confuse and irritate them simultaneously.

Jin has never gotten so offended at something that makes absolutely no sense.

Source: jtoni_n/Twitter