15+ Times BTS V’s Gorgeous Smile Made People Think He’s The Prettiest Person Alive

#11 can’t be real.

BTS‘s V has a smile that can make anyone happy just by looking at him. There’s also one undeniable fact about it—it amplifies his already stunning visuals!

| Pann Nate

| Pann Nate

| Pann Nate

In no particular order, here are 15+ times the “Dynamite” singer’s beautiful smile made ARMYs look at him and unanimously agree he’s one of the prettiest people alive.

1. His Brown Waves

2. His Blue Contact Lenses

3. His Animal Print Shirt

4. His Downwards Gaze

5. His Soft Smile

6. His Red Bandana

7. His Pose In The Rain

8. His White Cap

9. His Jet Black Hair

10. His Many Bracelets

11. His Lip Bite

12. His Eye Smile

13. His Dangling Earring

14. His Patterned Necktie

15. His Bright Laughter

16. His Shiny Jacket

Nothing can heal a gloomy mood better than a glimpse at V’s cheerful smile! On the flip side, check out how hot he looks in open toe sandals in the article below.

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Source: Pann Nate