10 Times ARMY’s Fell In Love With BTS V’s Big, Gentle Hands

Okay, but #8. 😳

Admit it — BTS‘s V has some of the most beautiful hands you might have ever seen. Luckily, ARMYs have compiled 10 of the best moments where his big hands were seriously impressive! Check out their choices below.

1. When he proved his hand is bigger than his face

Are his hands big…or is his face small? Correct answer: Both!

2. Making this phone look like a kid’s toy

Seriously, try doing this with your phone!

Bonus: When he held it between his fingers with ease!

| Naver

3. Making this tablet look like a phone

Only V’s hands would make you believe this is an iPhone and not an iPad.

4. Showing them off during a live broadcast

Plus, his signature peace sign!

5. Eating an ice cream cone

Is it miniature-sized?

6. Holding Jimin’s hand

Just like that, Jimin’s little hand disappeared!

7. Part 2

The best friends are opposites in some ways!

8. Holding a fan’s hand

If you ever meet V in person, your hand might pale in comparison to his!

9. Playing basketball

He can probably hold it with one hand.

10. Carrying a cake box

We all need our own personal V to carry things that are hard to grab!

Source: TheQoo