10 Times BTS’s V Proved His Hands Are Almost As Beautiful As He Is

#4 is just *chef’s kiss.*

Every detail of BTS‘s V is elegant and stunning — including his hands. Check out 12 times he showed off his beautiful, slender hands that everyone is jealous of!

1. Even his nails are perfect.

Every girl wants nails like these!

2. His seductive hand took center stage during “Singularity.”

Everyone swerved for him during this.

3. He shows off his beautiful hands during a livestream.

Plus, he does his signature peace sign!

4. Only he can make washing bean sprouts look this elegant.

It’s aesthetically pleasing!

5. He cutely plays with his jewelry during a photoshoot.

He knows what he does to fans!

6. You can’t forget his hand-kisses.

They’re even more iconic with his gorgeous ring.

7. He catches fans’ eyes with the most subtle movements.

What can he say, his genetics are blessed.

8. They help him create a beautiful dance line on stage.

They are part of his mysterious allure.

9. Scrolling on a tablet isn’t usually this pretty…

…but for V, of course it is!

10. When he makes a fist, it’s totally tiny!

His inner cuteness can’t be contained.