Here Are 7 Times BTS’s V Showed Just How Much He Loves His J-Hope Hyung

In #6, V is a mood for every J-Hope stan.

BTS‘s J-Hope and V have had a special bond since debut. V looks up to his hyung so much, he’s often showing it in every way he can! Check out these 7 moments when he let everyone know just how much J-Hope means to him.

1. V’s “Defining Moment”

On his BTS Festa 2014 profile, V was asked to fill out information about himself and include a video or picture that represents who he is.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

V picked a very specific time as his defining moment.

The phrase I said at 28 minutes and 49 seconds in episode 8 of BTS’s Rookie King.

— V

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

He chose the moment he said to J-Hope, “You like me, right?” He must really love J-Hope for this to be his defining moment!

2. His Date Choice

A fan once asked V, “If the members were girls, who would you date?”

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V didn’t hesitate to choose his beloved hyung!

3. The “Oh” Series

V once posted a series of pictures of J-Hope with a heartfelt caption.


Only an exclamation can come out

I can understand now why people look at you and go “oh…”

— V

This led to a series of photos and videos V posted using #Oh to describe just how special J-Hope is to him!

Hoseokie hyung is an “Oh” kind of being to me…

— V

As expected, you are #Oh… #TaeDirector

— V

You’re cool #Oh…

— V

4. Visual

V once said when he first met J-Hope, he thought he was the visual of BTS.

It’s easy to see why he might think that!

5. Protection Squad

When a fan posted an unflattering photo of J-Hope on Weverse, V replied by saying that he will not converse with fans who post such photos.

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Please protect our hyung. I won’t be replying to the ARMYs who upload bizarre photos.

— V

6. More Compliments

V once captioned his photos of J-Hope with “인생이리즈남”, implying that J-Hope’s whole life is him looking at his best!

7. J-Hope or ARMY?

When V was asked to choose between J-Hope and ARMY, he was left speechless.

Just let him pick both!