Here Are 12 Moments Of BTS’s Visual Duo, According To Netizens

#3 is seriously iconic.

Netizens are praising BTS’s Jin and V not only for their visuals but also for their adorable interactions. Check out 10+ of their best moments together below!

1. When TaeJin gets cuddly, ARMYs have a meltdown.

2. The visual combo of Jin’s softness…

…matches perfectly with V’s cuteness!

3. They can both flawlessly pull off the retro concept.

4. They also both adorably seduce ARMYs…

5. …but they can be hot when they want to be!

6. Seriously, their interactions are soo underrated!

7. They get cozy together all the time.

V’s lion yawn shows he’s totally comfy!

8. V always rests his head on his hyung’s shoulder.

9. They look good doing anything from grocery shopping…

10. …to modeling in photoshoots!

11. They’re just like brothers.


12. We can’t get enough of these two!


Source: TheQoo


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