Please, Body Slam Me: 20 Funny Fan Reactions To BTS V’s New Hobby, Judo

Everybody wants to be his sparring partner.

BTS‘s Jungkook has been driving fans wild with his boxing practice videos, but now is upping the ante! His new judo video has ARMYs wondering if a “Taekook” sparring match is coming. Until then, please enjoy these hilarious (and totally understandable) fan reactions!


1. Handshakes are overrated.

2. It’s an honor, sir.

3. BTS fans in a nutshell:

4. We did not see this coming!

5. What would you like for breakfast?

6. We’re not ready. We will never be ready.

7. The accuracy is just *chef’s kiss*

8. The fight of the century is coming. Can we handle it?

9. Not to be dramatic, but…

10. No complaints here!

11. RM, please have mercy on us.

12. It came out of nowhere!

13. Sleep? Not for these two.

14. They’ll knock you out…with love.

15. For everyone who did a double-take:

16. It’s getting serious.

17. ARMY, please sign a safety waiver first…

18. Spaceships? Who needs them!

19. Excuse me, if you’re not too busy could you…

20. Which ARMY are you?