5 Times V Proved He’s Actually BTS’s Knight In Shining Armor

These will all warm your heart!

BTS‘s V loves all the members like family, and there have been plenty of moments where he displayed his love for them. Here are 5 times V proved he’s actually BTS’s knight in shining armor.

1. V asking his friends to send birthday messages to Jin

V (Left) & Jin (Right)

Jin recently held a live broadcast in celebration of his birthday, and during it, he revealed that he stayed up until 1 AM just in case people sent him early birthday messages. However, he didn’t receive that many, and this hurt him a little. He told this to the BTS members before he went to sleep. When Jin woke up, he had received over 10 birthday messages, and some of these were thanks to V.

When V learned that Jin hadn’t received a lot of birthday messages, he contacted his friends and asked them to record birthday messages for Jin.

Jin ended up receiving around 7 or 8 birthday messages from V’s friends!

However, during the live broadcast, V called and told Jin that there were more birthday messages and that he would be sending them to him once he finished his broadcast.

2. V getting angry since he thought his friends were “bullying” Jimin

V (Left) & Jimin (Right)

When Jimin transferred to V’s high school, V introduced him to all of his friends and teachers. However, during a break, V saw that Jimin was alone. Due to this, V confronted his friends since he believed that they were ostracizing him.

I was surprised so I got angry at my friends and said, “Why are you not talking to my friend?”

— V

V (Left) & Jimin (Right)

However, V’s friend then told him that all of this was a misunderstanding. V’s friend explained that they tried to talk with Jimin, but Jimin was shy and didn’t talk much.

I talked for 20 minutes, but Jimin only answered my questions. He was quiet so I stopped talking.

— V’s friend

3. V asking fans to love all the members

V is quite vocal about telling people that BTS has 7 members, and there have been multiple instances where he’s asked people to love them all equally.

4. V discouraging fans from posting “bizarre” photos of the members

On Weverse, a fan posted a rather unflattering meme photo of J-Hope, and V wasn’t a big fan of it. V ended up replying by saying that he would not be conversing with fans who post these kinds of photos.

Please protect our hyung. I won’t be replying to the ARMYs who upload bizarre photos.

— V

| Weverse

5. V winning a stuffed flamingo for J-Hope

J-Hope (Left) & V (Right)

During an episode of Bon Voyage 3, V decided to try and win J-Hope a stuffed flamingo.

| bar/YouTube

After multiple attempts, V ended up winning the stuffed flamingo, and he couldn’t help but get excited about the thought of giving it to J-Hope.

| bar/YouTube

V soon gave the gift to J-Hope, and J-Hope had an extremely joyful reaction.

| bar/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!