Here’s BTS’s V’s Honest Message For Fans Who Don’t Love BTS Equally — And You Definitely Need To Hear It Today

V pretended to hate himself, and the response he got was heartwarming.

In the seven years that BTS has been active, always made it a point to tell ARMYs to always love the seven members equally.

After all, BTS is not BTS if the seven members aren’t complete, so for him, it’s better for fans to love the members equally, instead of liking just one member and hating on the others.

In one of their heart-to-heart conversations caught on camera, V once again reiterated how much his message of “love all members equally” means to him. It all started when he played a mobile game.

While playing the game, someone asked if anyone likes BTS.

Naturally, V took it upon himself to interact with this ARMY so he messaged her and told her that he’s a fan of BTS while using an anonymous profile.

V mentioned that the ARMY’s username in the game was related to Suga

Her id was “super ultra Suga or something like that…”

– V

…and so he asked her if she liked Suga. Of course, the fan said yes.

V wanted to find out what the fan thought of the other members, so as he was using his anonymous profile, he told her that he “hates” V and asked the ARMY what she thought of his opinion.

The ARMY wrote back by saying “They’re all precious to me”.

And in conclusion, V said that when he read this message, it totally warmed his heart.

V is such a loving and supportive member who always tells ARMYs to love them all. A recent example of this was when he replied to a fan who told him “I might just love you a lot more now”.

Instead of telling her to focus on him alone, V also took the opportunity to tell her to please love all members.


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