“He’s Shirtless?!” — BTS’s V Surprises ARMY In 20+ New “Layover” Concept Photos

These photos are stunning!

BTS‘s V is continuously releasing new concept photos for his highly-anticipated debut solo album, Layover. From boyfriend material vibes to an edgy rockstar aura, V has already conquered a variety of concepts. This time, he’s sharing a bunch of gorgeous photos of himself at the beach — and some are showing quite a bit of skin! Check out all of the new photos below.

1. His visuals are on a new level of handsome.

His bold eyebrows, big eyes, and stunning freckles = Flawless!

2. He isn’t afraid to show some skin.

He looks good and he knows it!

3. He enjoyed a gorgeous day at the beach.

These photos show him swimming and capture the beautiful scenery.


4. ARMYs love this beachy hair look.

V was made for this concept!


5. Some photos are actually in color.

He’s so dreamy in these calming photos.


6. There’s a nostalgic feeling to these photos.

V conveys all kinds of sentimental emotions through the photoshoot.

Check out his previous concept photos below.

BTS’s V Is A Charismatic Rockstar In New “Layover” Concept Photos

Source: Weverse


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