Welcome To BTS V’s Dance 101: His 5 Hipster Moves For Taking The Spotlight

Yeah, dance on!

In his latest live broadcast, BTS‘s V turned himself into DJ Taetae. And as he shared his playlist of lit tracks, he also showed off his most hipster dance moves. Here are 5 groovy moves that are easy breezy — but also cool enough to make you look like you know what you’re doing!


1. The Arm

This is a timeless classic! Turn your arms into worms and squiggle them on beat. Do the left first, then do the right. Throw in some head bops and you’re good to go!


2. The Shoulder

Throw your hands on your hips and wiggle. One option is side to side. Another would be shimmying back and forth. Whichever way you take, really put your back into it for extra oomph. Lip biting strongly recommended for added flare.


3. The Punch

If, at one point, you aren’t too sure what to do with your hands, simply give the air a light punch. Listen to the music — and on the strong beats, punch. Punch. Punch. If not hipster, then at least you’ll look fierce.


4. The Point

The easiest thing to do with your hands while dancing is to hold up those index fingers and point around. Watch and learn from V: He points forward, sideways, and up. No matter where you point, remember; the key is to look like you meant to point that way.


5. The Hammer

An undying move from the decade past, this hammer dance is actually kind of fun to throw in here and there. Clench those fists and hammer away!