10+ Chaotic Good Moments From BTS V’s Live Broadcast For The Group’s 9th Anniversary

He went live ahead of BTS’s “Proof Live!”

On June 13, BTS celebrated their 9th anniversary. The group has been hosting a week-long release of content, including Proof Live.

Yet, leading up Proof Live, V surprisingly held a live broadcast on his own.

Naturally, ARMYs were conflicted as they tried to watch both as V continued his own live broadcast

Still, V was live for about an hour and a half. So, there were lots of hilarious moments that you need to see, especially if you missed it live. Here are 10+ chaotic moments from V’s live broadcast…

1. V vibing to “Run BTS”

2. Hyping up Jungkook’s “My You”

3. V being a true ARMY, watching BTS funny moments

4. Multilingual king!

5. V trying not to laugh at himself

6. Being effortlessly adorable, showing off his moles

7. V updating on his friendship tattoo

8. 100% boyfriend material

9. V reacting to the “Boyz With Fun” demo

10. Disney singalong


didn’t know I needed a tae/disney sing along but I definitely did #bts #bangtan #taehyung #v #kpopfyp

♬ original sound – mymoonjinx

11. Naptime

12. V’s reaction to seeing Anderson .Paak in Proof Live

You can watch a quick recap below:

Source: BTS