BTS’s V Kept His Promise To ARMYs For A Longer Weverse Live, And Here Are 15 Must-Watch Moments From His Gaming Broadcast

From questionable noises, “Yoongi, marry me,” and V’s interacting with ARMYs, it was an iconic broadcast!

No matter how busy or tired BTS‘s V might be, he always makes sure to take out to chat with fans. Recently, the idol has been truly active on Weverse live.


On November 13 (PST), V updated fans with a true boyfriend-style broadcast where he had no makeup and just wanted to update fans.

BTS V’s broadcast on November 13 | Weverse  

During the broadcast, V promised ARMYs that he would come on again the next day for longer. As expected, the idol kept that promise, and on November 14, V surprised fans by starting another live broadcast where he started gaming with fans.

BTS V’s gaming broadcast the next day | Weverse

As expected, the broadcast was truly many, so here are 15 must-watch moments from V’s gaming broadcast.

1. Even when opening the broadcast and was focused on the game, he needed to greet ARMYs.

2. When V revealed that he actually wanted to do the broadcast with Jungkook, but he was spending time with his parents before going to Qatar.

3. There’s just something so angelic about V’s laugh that makes it the sweetest sound for ARMYs.

4. Have you ever seen someone so cute when they’re eating and gaming? Like V seems so smol and tiny…

5. V is always so happy playing with ARMYs, especially when he sees that they’re winning.

6. Why does every BTS gaming broadcast end with questionable noises being heard?

7. There’s just something so calming about watching V gaming and seeing the huge smile on his face when interacting with fans.

8. But there’s also something very attractive about V’s concentrating face.

9. … Which means that he got very excited when he won.

10. ARMY showed they love V so much that they waited for him to get to the finishing line… and then started pushing him when he wasn’t going!

11. Even when gaming, BTS’s V can’t escape the “Yoongi, marry me” agenda… or maybe he was purposefully looking for it.

12. BTS’s V had the fright of his life when he started hearing voices… until realizing it actually came from the game.

13. Although the voices shocked V, he couldn’t stop smiling upon hearing ARMYs in the game.

14. Nobody wants to kill V, even if it’s the point of the game!

15. After what seems like endless promises to end the broadcast (which just resulted in more games, V finally said farewell after over an hour of playing with ARMYs in a very abrupt way.

Source: Weverse