17 Times That BTS’s V Proved He’s Absolutely Boyfriend Material

17 really just scratches the surface.

Beyond being an incredibly talented K-Pop idol, with stunning vocals and phenomenal dance skills, BTS‘s V is really just a very sweet, adorable, likable person! It can be fun to imagine what it could be like to be friends with him — or in this case, something more!

Here are just 17 times that V has proved that he is undoubtedly total boyfriend material, out of the countless times that he’s proven it!

1. Just how romantic is this sight?

2. Imagine all the gorgeous selcas he would send you.

3. … And all the silly selcas too!

4. This whole set of photos just screams soft boyfriend.

5. Cute food date!

6. He looks so sleepy and cuddly here.

7. Is there anything sweeter than V with cute dogs?

8. Fun photoshoots galore!

9. A road trip with him would be so much fun!

10. Of course he would love to serenade you.

11. How could you resist this pout?

12. He can be dressed casually and bare-faced and still look like absolute perfection.

13. Talk about literal model boyfriend!

14. Traveling abroad with him would be such an adventure.

15. Anyone would be blessed to listen to this voice on a regular basis.

16. Waking up early in the mornings wouldn’t be so bad if you had this sight to look forward to.

17. Life would really never be boring with this cutie!