Here Are 15 Moments Showing BTS V’s Iconic Red Hair That Everyone Misses

#7 left every V stan shook.

BTS’s V can pull off just about any hair color in existence. However, bright red was one of his most iconic looks. Check out 15 of his best redhead moments below!

1. Even with red hair dye dripping down his face, he’s still fine as can be.

2. When he eats, he’s the purest little angel.

3. That’s Prince V to you.

4. This was the hand kiss felt ’round the world.

5. His stage charisma is unreal.

6. We present to you: The king of the English language.

7. Everything about this “Anpanman” look was perfect.

8. No makeup needed!

9. This era was a blessing for V fans.

10. Even in previous years, he always owned the red hair look.

11. He’s too heart-fluttering!

12. The only person more powerful than V is V in a suit.

13. He’s a true performer who was meant for the stage.

14. Notice how his eyes transform.

15. Praying for the return of his red hair!