8 Times BTS’ V Was Relatable AF

This man is our spirit animal.

BTS‘s V has always been known for his 4D personality and alien-like antics. Some of the wild things he says and does can truly resonate with just about anyone. From hilarious facial expressions to blunt statements, you’ll find yourself nodding along thinking “Same, V. Same.”

1. When RM was discussing his ice skating prowess and V stole the show.

2. When V came up with an excellent solution for people who love games but hate exercise.

3. When he took a “bite” of RM’s watermelon.

 4. When he sees puppies.

5. When he takes instructions too literally.

6. When delicious food touches his soul (He’s eating to make his grandma happy, after all).

7. When he finds a way to entertain himself with a karaoke mic from home.

8. When he sipped his tea in meme-worthy fashion.