18 Sexiest Things BTS’s V Ever Wore In Public

WARNING: These outfits may induce heart attacks and/or fainting…but it’s worth the risk.

Let’s face it, BTS‘s V could make wearing a potato sack look hot, so everything he wears could make this ‘hottest outfits’ list. That said, these are some of the sexiest things this visual king has worn yet!


1. This silky black “FAKE LOVE” shirt with a leather harness


2. This textured black outfit with a studded belt


3. This light colored, off the shoulder button-up


4. This sleeveless “Run” shirt…


5. …with these leather pants


6. Also, these leather pants


7. Let’s not forget the gift of V’s “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” wardrobe…


8. …or his sexy chokers


9. This sparkling blue jacket that shines with V’s star power


10. This glittering, gold and black blazer


11. This strappy leather jacket paired with V’s red hair and vintage accessories


12. This all-black ensemble that ruined the lives of V stans, in the best way


13. This combination of a classic black tie and an edgy biker jacket


14. This denim and leather punk look


15. This printed jacket from BTS’s iconic “No More Dream” dance break


16. This gorgeous robe that fluttered around him during “Singularity”


17. This simple, yet deadly, suit


18. This “Rainism” outfit, embellished with a bandana


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