Here Are 4 Times BTS’s V Used Sign Language To Communicate With ARMY

He’s the most thoughtful angel!

BTS‘s V is constantly showing his love and gratitude for ARMY’s undying support. Making an effort to be inclusive, V even communicates with hearing-impaired fans through Sign Language. Check out four times he showed his Sign Language expertise and learn the sign with him!

1. Butter

In a recent polaroid for “Butter” era, V showed off his Sign Language skills.

| Weverse

He signed the word “Butter” in honor of BTS’s comeback.

| Weverse

In Sign Language, “Butter” is signed by swiping down your palm with the opposite hand as shown below.

2. Applause

V has signed “Applause” various times, including BTS’s commencement speech for the graduating class of 2020 where he used it to cheer on hearing-impaired students.

He uses it whenever he gets the chance!

The sign is encouraged to be used in general as it is a replacement for clapping and is more accessible for disabled people and/or people with anxiety disorders.

3. Together

During BangBangCon The Live, V made sure to sign to ARMY that they are always “together” with BTS.

| HYBE Labels/YouTube

The sign is perfect for BTS to communicate with hearing-impaired ARMYs!

4. I Love You

For his live broadcast on his birthday, V signed “I Love You” to fans, matching the timing of the song’s lyrics!

Check out how to do the sign below — and feel free to use it back to BTS!