Here Are 5 Of BTS V’s Most Iconic “Singularity” Looks

#4 is legendary for ARMYs.

Fashion icon BTS‘s V stunned with iconic looks during his solo stage for “Singularity.” During the Love Yourself Tour and Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour as well as various other activities, he wore a total of 5 outfits. Check them out below and try to pick your favorite!

1. Black and White

One of the most well-known looks is V’s long floral cardigan.


From blue to blonde, he rocked it with just about every hair color he tried!

2. Green Suit

To amp up the luxurious vibe, V went for an emerald green suit.


Combined with dangling Chanel earrings, the whole look is so “V.”

3. Red Shawl

For a more smouldering vibe, V emerged in a bright red robe.


It’s covered in intricate details, but the most notable part of the look is his stunning visuals.

4. Black Swan

Nobody can forget his black feathered jacket.



It gives a dark and dreamy aura to the performance.

5. Blue Checker Print

During 2018 KBS Song Festival, V opted for a new look.

If one thing is certain, it’s that V makes it impossible to choose your favorite!

Source: TheQoo