8 Times BTS’s V Was Basically The Boss Of Big Hit Music

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BTS‘s loves the Big Hit Music staff, but sometimes he likes to remind them who’s really in charge! Here are 8 “V Hit” moments we’ll never forget.

V | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter 

1. When he recast two staff members as his servants

V got a little too immersed in his warrior role on Run BTS! “When you call me, please say ‘master’,” V told his “servants,” aka the staff. “Got it?” 

| Run BTS!/V Live   

They didn’t answer right away, but Warrior V insisted. 

| Run BTS!/V Live

2. When he gave Bang Si Hyuk a hilarious ultimatum

Bang Si Hyuk is the big boss at Big Hit Music, or is he? Last year, V won a Weverse certificate and a title (“Director of Recreation”) for excellent attendance, but that wasn’t enough for him!

| Weverse

Big Hit, it isn’t right to just give me an award certificate and that’s it. This time give me more.

— V

V playfully threatened to create his own app if his demands were not met, then took things one step further.

| Weverse

Hey!! Honestly, I’m 10% of the reason why Weverse is doing well ㅡ I’ll create my own app

(lacks the skills to create an app)

— V

He wanted the agency to either give him a day off as a reward, or punish Bang Si Hyuk with the “ON” choreography. Seems fair?

| Weverse

A day off

Or seeing Bang Si Hyuk hyung dance the ON choreography one time

— V

3. When he requested royalties

V’s phrase “borahae” (“I purple you”) has appeared in everything from advertisements to Weverse‘s Learn! Korean With BTS language series. Now, V wants to cash in on his intellectual property!

| Weverse

During a broadcast with J-Hope and Suga, V said, “Big Hit, if you make something purple from here on out, give me some royalties.” He was just kidding…right?

4. When he broke the rules that clearly don’t apply to him

During his 25th birthday broadcast, V stressed the staff out by dropping spoilers about his future mixtape.

| V Live

“Sorry, I don’t really listen to the agency,” V said. Hmm. That sounds like someone else we know!

| V Live

5. That time he impersonated a staff member to get the inside scoop

6. When he tricked the staff into giving him a prize

7. When he made his own rules at a fan meeting

8. When he gave Weverse a deadline

“The Director of Fun” dropped by his favorite app to make changes to it. He wanted to host a giveaway and gave the staff a two-week deadline to implement new features.

| Weverse


I’ll give you two weeks

Read notifications when members look at ARMY’s posts or a like button, profile picture changes

— V

His wish was Weverse’s command! Weverse agreed to a giveaway, but we’re still waiting to see how V’s other demands will be met. 

| Weverse


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