5 Times BTS’s V Stole The Show With His Visuals, Despite Some People Not Knowing Who He Was

He’s got everyone wrapped around his little finger.

BTS‘s V is well-known for his honey voice, adorable personality and of course, his strong visuals. In fact, his visuals are so perfect that everyone loves him — even if they don’t know him. Here are 5 moments that prove so.

1. What’s that? Who’s he?

Back in the day, during the Grammy’s, Ariana Grande snapped a quick pic with the boys during rehearsals. As she released the picture on social media, it got everyone wondering…

| @arianagrande/Instagram

… just who was the guy next to Ariana?

| @tattamon21/Twitter

2. Blue haired guy

He was even termed the “guy with the blue hair” after an appearance on SNL.

| @sceneryfortae/Twitter

3. Black curly haired boy

He also made a hot topic during his appearance at the 2019 Jingle Ball.

| Koreaboo

4. Guy with the long black coat

The Business Times even gave him a shout out due to his issue-making visuals.

5. When locals fell in love with him

He’s got everyone wrapped around his little finger.

| Koreaboo

Wherever he goes, V is always the center of attention! And who could blame him?